Modern Training Aircraft

Paramount Aviation Academy has some of the finest, modern training aircraft available in the world today.
Additionally,our aircraft are maintained to the manufacturers standards by our on-site,
factory-trained technicians to ensure the highest possible safety standards
are met at all times.

Cessna 172


PPL – R 117 898.09
CPL – R 225 886.44
Instructors Rating – R 42 631.60

Cherokee 180


PPL – R 123 694.00
Night Rating – R 19 744.80
Instrument Rating – R 60 157.80

Samba XL


PPL – R 88 918.00

Additional costs and services applies.

Hire and Fly Rates

Listed below are rates offered when hiring and flying planes at Paramount Aviation Academy

Please note that the above rates are “wet” rates. This means that fuel cost is included in the above rates. A “dry” rate can be supplied for longer flights if requested.

Please note that Approach-, Landing- and Parking fees are not included in the above rates and will be the responsibility of the hirer. Please note that all fees for Bethlehem are included.

All hirers are subject to a check ride by a Paramount Aviation Academy instructor before the aircraft can be hired. This will only be necessary every 3 months or at the discretion of the Chief Flight Instructor.

All prices above are excluding 15% VAT.

After purchase of the package, the hours are valid for 1 year only. After a year the package will be reviewed and adjusted according to price increases which could have surfaced during the year passed.

Excess Insurance for R25 000 must be taken by Paramount Aviation Academy’s students at a cost of R285 per month or a proof of your own insurance has to be submitted.

The payment terms for Hire and Fly are pay as you fly (i.e. you need to have a positive balance on your account before you can fly). No student will be permitted to fly on credit! Any excess on your account at the completion of the course will be refunded within 30 days.

Paramount Aviation Academy reserves the right to change the above rates due to unforeseen circumstances such as fuel price increases, but notice of these changes will be communicated to you well in advance.