Education begins with a safe environment! Our staff and students prioritize the wellbeing of themselves and others before any other actions;
with vigilance, they consistently and proactively report situations that could potentially endanger people or property.

Dedicated Certified Instructors

Our instructors are highly experienced and dedicated to teaching people to fly within close proximity.

Ideal Weather & Training Location

Free State Highlands has fantastic weather meaning students can fly almost every day of the year.

No Pressure / Time wastage

Quiet airfield means students can concentrate on learning to fly without being rushed

Two Operative Runways

Bethlehem’s airfield boast of a 1.2 km asphalt runway and a grass runway which provides an uninterrupted training.

Top Quality SACAA Pilot Programs

Our flight school’s flight training courses are the leading Part 141 and Part 61 SACAA approved Professional Pilot courses.