Welcome to Paramount Aviation Academy.

Paramount Aviation Academy is an exclusive flying school in the town of Bethlehem, nestled in the
foothills of the Maluti and Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa.

Here we believe that personal attention from vastly experienced instructors is the key to producing
exceptional pilots who are confident and competent.

We have successfully
trained over 300 pilots
Due to the great weather,
on average student pilots are able to fly
over 360 days a year.
We have over
5 serviceable aircrafts in
our fleet
Every year our students
and instructors fly a collective
10,000+ hours

Message from our CEO

Kaela Seoe

CEO & Flight Instructor
It is with the greatest pleasure that we welcome you into the world of Aviators, here at Paramount Aviation Academy.

When you’ve made the decision to become a pilot, you have taken the first step onto a road not travelled by many and it is equally important to carefully select the school which will fuel and push you to the
highest limit, while at the same time moulding you into a world class Pilot.

At Paramount Aviation Academy we pride ourselves in giving each individual student the tools necessary and suitable to their specific needs, and still ensuring they complete their studies in record time.

We believe in laying a solid foundation of knowledge and closing any gaps by regular questioning.

Our flight instructors are born teachers, passionate about aviation as a whole and possess a genuine love for flying.

Paramount Aviation Academy is always aiming higher, from growing our fleet, to keeping abreast of the latest aviation news and trends and finding ways to incorporate them into our Academy.

Ours is striving to remain relevant in an ever changing environment. We have indeed remained true to our slogan of “Safety, Excellence and Precision.”
I will end with one of my favourite Aviation quotes: The highest art form is a human being in control of himself and his airplane in flight, urging the spirit of a machine to match his own.”

Student Life in Bethlehem

With its vast open spaces, array of local attractions and vibrant culture and sporting scenes it’s no surprise why so many students decide to make it their home away from home

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