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Contact Details

For enquiries please contact:

S.J Van Zyl :  +27 82 849 8288
W.G Juckes : +27 72 356 3661
Simone : 087 941 2676

Email: info@flyparamount.co.za

Welcome to Paramount Aviation Academy

Paramount Aviation Academy is an exclusive flying school in the town of Bethlehem, nestled in the foothills of the Maluti and Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa.

Here we believe that personal attention from vastly experienced instructors is the key to producing exceptional pilots who are confident and competent. We have a very high ratio of instructors to students and this enables us to spend a lot of time with each student to resolve any problems that he or she may be having. This is our formula for creating an environment where our high standards of safety, excellence and precision can be achieved while at the same time making your learning experience fun.

IMG 9543-1Why choose Paramount Aviation?

Highly experienced instructors


When learning to fly, you do not want anything but the very best instruction available. At Paramount Aviation Academy, our instructors are highly experienced and they are dedicated to teaching people to fly with have a passion for imparting their knowledge and experience to others. Our instructors are by far our greatest asset.

Fantastic Weather

We are located in Bethlehem in the Free State Highlands and have fantastic weather which means that students can fly almost every day of the year. This enables students to obtain theirlicenses much more quickly than in most other places around the world and is important as time is a valuable resource nowadays.

Paramount Aviation Flight School in Bethlehem

Hot and high training

Picture1In order for an aircraft to fly it needs adequate lift which is provided by air flow over the wings. On hot days or at higher altitudes, the atmosphere is less dense and therefore more caution is required when flying as under these circumstances it is very easy to overload an aircraft to the point that it will not fly. Due to our location, our natural training environment is hot and high which means that our students are very aware of its effect on the aircraft’s performance and of the importance of ensuring that it is not overloaded. This helps our pilots to be safer pilots compared to those who have learnt to fly at lower altitudes where they have only seen this in theory and never actually experienced its effects first hand.

No pressure and no wasted time

Bethlehem is a relatively quiet airfield which means that students can concentrate on learning to fly without being rushed by other aircraft or by air traffic control. This is important when one is trying to grasp the basics of flying. This also affords students the advantage that when they are ready to get into the air, they can, as opposed to busy airfields where one often waits for 20 or more expensive minutes to get cleared for take-off. Our airfield is situated right on the edge of our “general flying area” which is where all training, other than take offs and landings, is conducted. This means that less time is spent flying to and from the training area and more time is spent on valuable training.

Beautiful surroundings


Bethlehem is located in the middle of the Maluti tourist route which boasts places such as Clarens, the Golden Gate National Park, Maluti Mountains and the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho to name but a few. There is even a ski resort less than 2 hours drive from Bethlehem.


Accommodation is available and is within walking distance of the airport. 

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